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Pros Towing Service Garland

24 Hour Towing


If you’re a vehicle owner, you owe it to yourself to ensure that you have consistent access to a high quality vehicle towing service in your area. If you are left without help when your vehicle suffers a malfunction, breaks down altogether, or is struck by another car, then you could be in real trouble. With the help of a dependable and reputable towing company, you’ll be able to get yourself and your vehicle to a safe location where it can be repaired sooner rather than later. It’s notable, as well, that towing service providers don’t just help with retrieval and transportation. Roadside assistance is available, and coverage is given to a whole array of vehicle types. All you need to do is make sure that you’re using a dependable team – and that’s where we come into the fold.

About Us

At Pros Towing Service Garland, we’ve set ourselves apart as the leading towing and wrecker service provider in the Garland, Texas area after many hard years of work – and we couldn’t be happier with the outcomes that we’ve conjured up for our customers throughout that time. Our primary goal is to make sure that every single customer we serve is happy with the work that we do on their behalf, no matter the exact nature of their service request. We have experienced towing contractors carrying out our work, and we trust them entirely to handle the challenges and rigors associated with this line of work – of which there are many. Beyond our technical experience and professional grade vehicles, we think you’ll also enjoy our unmatched pricing standards and affordability. We’re committed to providing value-packed services to our community, and this has always resonated with our customers in the past.

Tow truck towing a broken down car on the street.

Our Services

We’ve assembled a multitude of towing services to make sure that we can more than adequately address the needs of our customers, and this approach has worked wonderfully well since our inception. Over the years, we’ve helped our customers with car towing, RV towing, motorcycle towing, and even 18 wheeler towing – but the list doesn’t end there. We’re not only a tow truck company, after all. We can also help you with roadside service, including but not limited to vehicle lockouts, fuel delivery, and jumpstarts. Our contractors are happy to work on any type of vehicle, so don’t stress too much if you find yourself in a spot of bother.

Broken down car being towed onto flatbed tow truck with cable for repair at workshop garage

24 Hour Towing Service

If you’re in need of an emergency towing service, we’re the team to help you. Our 24 hour towing service is available around the clock, even in the dead of night. We’ll get to you and get you transported to a location of your choosing, and if we can offer roadside assistance to get you on your way again, we’d be more than happy to do so.

woman waiting for a ride

Roadside Assistance

Our roadside assistance service is heralded for its reliable nature for so many situations – and it’s something that we’re determined to offer in as wide an expanse as possible. Jumpstarts, fuel delivery, lockouts, and mechanical repairs are all fairly typical for our team – and when it’s not possible to get you back up and running, we provide a towing and recovery service as an alternative.

a car on a tow truck

Full Wrecker Service

Our full auto wrecker service is ready and waiting to give you the service you need. Whether you’ve been in an accident or you’re looking for pick-up service, we’re the team you need to come to for assistance. Our value-infused service is giving you the quality you need without having to pay a fortune.

a car transport truck

Heavy Duty & Rotator Service

The heavy duty and rotator service we offer is standing at the ready to help even the heaviest, most cumbersome vehicles out there – and when it comes to vehicles like 18 wheelers, there’s certainly a lot of weight to shift. We have specialized vehicles that make quick work of even the most demanding requests – and, fortunately, we have the experienced contractors that can guarantee no damage to your highly valuable asset.

a car on the side of the road

Winch Outs & Rollback Service

If you’re stuck in a ditch, a snowbank or a deep patch of mud, you’re going to need the help of our winch outs service. We’ll get you back up and out on the road in no time, and our expertise doesn’t end there. For vehicles that are no longer able to transport themselves anywhere, our rollback (flatbed) service is available to assist you.

Car being towed on a flatbed truck

Tow Truck Service

A tow truck service is an essential tool to have on-hand for any vehicle owner – it means there’s no chance you’ll be stuck out on the road in the middle of nowhere for any longer than absolutely necessary. Our auto towing provision is certain to get you where you need to go without any hassle or delay.

“Pros Towing Service Garland is the service I used when I found myself stuck in the middle of nowhere. Turned out I had an unsalvageable engine, but they got me safely out of the wilderness in quick-time. I had my kids with me, so I really feel grateful to these guys.” – Kitty S.

“I want to thank the team at Pros Towing Service Garland for getting me back into my car after I stupidly(!) locked myself out. I can’t believe I let that happen, but they arrived so quickly and I was back on the road soon after.” – Izzy T.

“Professional, friendly, efficient – I really only have great things to say about my experience with the team from Pros Towing Service Garland. If I ever need a towing service again in the future, I know who I’ll be going to.” – Harmony N.

Call Us Today

For those seeking the number one towing service around, you’ve found us. Learn more about our services, prices, and availability by speaking to our customer service team. They’re reachable through our main telephone number during normal working hours, though they can also be found through our online contact form – at your convenience. Get on the phone to them today to learn just why we’re the premier towing company in the Garland, Texas region.